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List of manufacturers we carry

This is a list of manufacturers of semiconductors, electronic parts and industrial devices handled by our company.
We also handle products of other manufacturers not included in the Manufacturer list; please contact us for more details.

*Click on a manufacturer's name to visit their website (opens in new window).

Semiconductor electronic parts

Semiconductor optical parts

Manufacturer's name Products
TOSHIBA Semiconductor & Storage Products Company Microcomputers, memory storage devices, ASIC, customer specific Ics, general-purpose ICs, general-purpose linear ICs, optical semiconductors, transistors, diodes, sensors imaging elements, high frequency devices、driver IC
Adamant Co., Ltd. Optical communication components, precision machining products
Shindengen Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Diodes, power semiconductors
StepTechnica Co., Ltd. Control network ICs dedicated for FA
Nihon Inter Electronics Corporation Diodes, power semiconductors
Hagiwara Solutions Compact flash, various memory cards
Hamamatsu Photonics K.K. Optical semiconductors (photo diodes, photo IC, image sensors), electron tubes
Renesas Electronics Corporation Microcomputers, memory, general-purpose ICs, customer specific Ics, diodes, transistors, RFID
ROHM Co., Ltd. Transistors, diodes, LED, laser diodes(LD), LED displays, optical sensors, resistors, tantalum capacitors, power modules, memory, ASIC, customer specific Ics, general-purpose ICs

Electronic parts

Manufacturer's name Products
Nippon Chemi-Con Corporation Capacitors, varistors, coils
KYOCERA Corporation Ceramic capacitors, cantalum electrolytic capacitors, crystal resonators, crystal oscillators, filters, EMC products, LCD
KOA Corporation Resistors, thermistors (temperature sensors), inductors, fuses
Sanshin Electric Co.,Ltd. Tuner packs
SUSUMU CO.,Ltd Thin film chip resistors, high-frequency capacitors, high-frequency inductors
TOEI ELECTORICCO.,LTD DC paper capacitors, DC capacitors, high-frequency capacitors, AC electrolytic capacitors, general-purpose AC capacitors, low voltage phase-shifting capacitors
Toshiba Materials Co., Ltd. Fine ceramics, phosphors, high-purity metals, magnetic parts, tungsten and molybdenum, special metals and alloys
NITTO DENJI CO.,LTD. Power ceramic capacitors
MARUWA CO.,LTD Laminated ceramic capacitors, EMI filters, voltage-controlled oscillators
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Capacitors, noise suppression products/EMI suppression filters, inductors (coils), resistors, oscillators, AV filters, filters for communication equipment, high-frequency components/modules, sensors, thermistors, power supplies, sound components, ceramic products

Connectors and IC sockets

Manufacturer's name Products
Japan Aviation Electronics Industry, Limited Connectors
Hirosugi-Keiki Co., Ltd. Spacers, board mount parts, precision shafts, long pipes, screw rods, mechanical parts, plastic flat washers, metal washers, bushings, screws
MITSUMI ELECTRIC CO., LTD. Power supply IC, battery IC, audio IC, reset IC, video IC, sensor IC, analog/digital SOC, power inductors, transformers, coils, stepping motors, connectors, optical pickups, switches, polyvaricons, DC mini-motors, camera modules, sensors, power supplies, high-frequency devices, IP equipment, optical communication components
YAMAICHI ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. IC sockets, connectors
Ryosan Company,Limited Heat sinks

Power sources and batteries

Manufacturer's name Products
Nipron Co.,Ltd. Desktop power supplies, system rack power supplies, motive power supplies, battery packages
HASETEC Corporation. Power electronic power units, power elements and power semiconductor devices
Global Micronics Corporation Power supplies, modules, sensors

Printed boards

Manufacturer's name Products
Hakkoh Denshi Co., Ltd. Multilayer printed wiring boards, flexible printed wiring boards

Control equipment and electrical parts

Manufacturer's name Products
OMRON Corporation Switches, connectors, relays, sensors
TAMURA THERMAL DEVICE CORPORATION Thermal fuses, resistors with thermal fuses, cement resistors
Nippon Pulse Motor Co., Ltd. Motors, motor drivers
Panasonic Corporation relays, connectors, switches

Industrial devices

Electron tubes

Manufacturer's name Products
Toshiba Electron Tubes and Devices Co., Ltd. Power tubes, transmitting tubes (triodes), continuous wave magnetrons, pulsed magnetrons

FA industrial equipment

Manufacturer's name Products
SHIBAURA MECHATRONICS CORPORATION Laser application equipment, YAG laser systems
Sharp Manufacturing Systems Corporation Image sensor cameras, FA display systems, programmable controllers, RFID systems, ultrasonic cleaning devices, molds (plastic molds/press molds), automated systems
SPACIO CO., LTD. Assembly pipes, couplings, castors, shelf boards
TOSHIBA CORPORATION Professional cameras
VECTOR Molybdenum arresters
Primetech Engineering Corp. Embeddable cameras, CMOS sensors
TOA ELECTRONICS, Inc - Flash Support Group Company - Device programmers (ROM writers), on-board programmers