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Electron tubes

We sell high-frequency electron tubes as a distributor of Toshiba Electron Tubes and Devices Co., Ltd.
We also handle high-voltage components, capacitors, power supply units and other peripherals related to electron tubes.
Please contact us about parts by manufacturers not included in the Manufacturer list.

Electron tubes (transmitting tubes)

Electron tubes (transmitting tubes) are widely used in industrial induction heating and similar applications.
We also sell various electron tube products for applications with a wide range of operating frequencies.
Please feel free to ask us about anything related to electron tubes.   >>Inquiries

Toshiba Electron Tubes and Devices Co., Ltd.

Transmitting tubes, Continuous wave magnetrons, pulsed magnetrons

If you are considering a substitute for electron tubes by NEC, please refer to the Compatibility table below.

Electron tubes, Transmitting tubes

◎:Interchangeable △:Mounting or circuit modification required

Anode dissipation Toshiba No. NEC analog Interchangeability Cooling system
1,000 W 6T58RA     Forced air cooling
1 kW to 10 kW 7T69RB     Forced air cooling
7T82JA     Water cooling
7T84B     Water cooling
7T84RB     Forced air cooling
7T85RB 7T72R,7T75R Forced air cooling
8T20B     Water cooling
8T20RB     Forced air cooling
8T30A     Water cooling
8T30RA     Forced air cooling
8T64B     Water cooling
8T64RB     Forced air cooling
8T69JB 7T70 Water cooling
8T85RB 8T24RA Forced air cooling
E3062E     Forced air cooling
E3069     Forced air cooling
E3130     Forced air cooling
E3170 7T70R Forced air cooling
10 kW to 100 kW 8T25 8T40, 8T41 Water cooling
8T25RA     Forced air cooling
8T61A 8T60, 8T60A Water cooling
8T72B 8T72A Water cooling
8T84A     Water cooling
8T85B 8T24, 8T24A Water cooling
8T86B     Water cooling
8T87B 8T87A Water cooling
8T87RB     Forced air cooling
9T64B 9T64 Water cooling
9T71C 9T71, 9T71A Water cooling
9T94A 9T94 Water cooling
E3080A     Water cooling
E3116     Forced air cooling
100 kW and over 9T38A/LD961 LD961 Water cooling
E3050/9T75 9T75 Water cooling
E3085     Water cooling

Power ceramic capacitors

These capacitors are widely used in oscillating, matching, and coupling circuits of broadcast and radio equipment as well as for induction heating and similar applications.


Various ceramic capacitors

RF, RE, MDF, SDF, SD, BE series
We offer an extensive standard selection to meet customers' objectives.


  • Compact and lightweight design, low dielectric loss, high power load performance
  • Simple structure with low internal inductance
  • Usable up to high frequencies
  • Excellent resistance to heat and humidity, stable electrical characteristics

Power ceramic capacitors

Power electronics power supply units

These power supply units meet a wide range of requirements for various electronics applications.

HASETEC Corporation.

Various power supply units


  • High-voltage rectifier stack units … OR6 series, 1N series
  • Thyristor stack units
  • Gate circuit boards for semiconductor drive devices … GU-5?7D series

Power electronics power supply units

High-frequency capacitors

These capacitors are used for power factor correction in induction heating systems as well as for oscillation and bypassing in electron tube oscillation circuits.


Various capacitors

High-frequency capacitors


We offer great flexibility in delivery terms and other conditions to meet customers' needs.

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